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The United Bricks Team 2018

Working at United Bricks is seen by Callum as the best job he could think of, allowing him to do his own designs. An opinion that would be shared by others that would work at the company, which allows for considerable creative freedom. It was a company born not only from love of Lego, but also from an interest in history, particularly military history. This was necessitated from a gap in the market since LEGO do not have a military-themed product range. This would help provide the inspiration of the creation of military themed LEGO products by Callum. As ‘custom-printed minifigures’ they fall in line with the LEGO fair play policy and are not classed as official LEGO products.

United Bricks WW2 British Commandos

Production started off small-scale with pad printing of World War Two designs. Initially it was just for himself, but then he began selling on eBay, where like-minded enthusiasts started snapping up his products, impressed by the historical accuracy of Callum’s designs.

Soon it became apparent that pad printing was proving too expensive, and too restrictive to cope with the increased product demand and desire to expand on design quantity and quality. Wanting to do tiles and bricks, as well as more complicated torso and leg designs, United Bricks had made the investment in a state-of-the-art UV printer. This
allowed for extensive colour printing options, as well as a vastly reduced production output time. It also provided the ability to print onto almost any 3D object in a durable, high quality finish. This allowed the freedom to print in-house and offer a bespoke LEGO printing service for individuals and companies.

The company was founded while Callum was still at school and as the company grew the responsibilities grew with it. Time management between the two responsibilities would become strained, and by mid-2015 Callum left Dalry Secondary School at age 16 to devote his effort fully to the company and work there as a full-time job.
The company would see strong growth as an expanding product range was complemented by a bespoke printing service. To facilitate the international demand for products a reseller network was developed for ease of supply. This has expanded to several countries including Germany, France, United States, Hong Kong, and China. A second printer was purchased to help cope with the increased printing demand, with the company expanding into a custom-built office premises.

“Building history to inspire tomorrow”

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