The Battle Of Peleliu - Taking the Airfield

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In early February 2017, we set about creating our next big creation, but first we had one big question to answer. What battle should we recreate in LEGO...?

Our attention turned to Pacific during the Second World War. A brutal theatre that stretched 3 and half years. We settled on the Battle of Peleliu, a controversial battle due to the island lack of strategic value and the high casualty rate it would inflict. This Battle was made infamous as the high casualty rate exceeded all other amphibious operations during the Pacific war. The invading American Marine Corp, hoped to secure the island within four days, a false hope that would instead turn into two months of gruesome fighting.

We chose to the centre our LEGO creation around the Marine's advance on the Airified, a famous scene that has been portrayed in both Televison and Video Games. To begin with, our idea was to have the Japanese headquaters communication building, a runway, advancing Japanese tanks mounting a counter-offensive and the invading Marine force attacking from the jungle. Using historical refererence books, photos and website we began to create an understanding of the battle, the layout and tactics involved.

Throughout the battle scene, we included many key features, including a Japanese anti-aircraft gun, Marine mortar crew and flamethrower, Sherman M4 Medium Tank and, Japanese Ha-Go tanks to name but a few. The result included a Lego battlescene that measured 128 x 77 cm, contained over 100 minifigures and tens of thousands of pieces.

Our attention now turns to our next LEGO creation. What will it be? Keep checking back for updates and sneak previews on our next big adventure!

Here at United Bricks, we stock a wide range of World War II Pacific theatre items, including custom printed Japanese and Marine minifigures, weapons and helmets. Discover the full range today and start building your army!

Want to build your own LEGO Battle scene? Then check out these fan creations for inspiration!

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