United Bricks May 2018 release - Eastern Front Month

united bricks sarossa

Our next release is upon us! The Germans have awoken the Russian bear. It's time to pack your winter gear and head to the East.

We're crammed a ton of new Second World War items all based around the Ost Front and made sure they're not going to be cold. Whether you fight for the Fartherland as the invaders, or defend your Motherland, we've got the soldiers to do it.

Fancy taking a break from the fighting and go skiing? Well, we've got the perfect equipment to do it. We'll make sure your stay at United Bricks Ski resort is a pleasent one (or atleast until the Finnish show up).

Can't wait until we release these new items? We can't either! To maintain your excitment, use #unitedbricksarossa on your new social media photos for a chance to win coupon codes, exclusive items and more! Just build a cool Lego creation and use the hashtag. It's that simple!

The workshop is busy printing and as always our social media guru, Mikaela, will be keeping you up to date with daily sneak peak photos, behind the scenes footage, and more.

The new releases drop Thursday 31st May at 3PM BST! Check out our Instagram account for more sneak previews

united bricks finnish sneak peak

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