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Here at United Bricks we love to see the incredible creations our customers build (especially if they feature our products). With this in mind we wanted to share the talent of these creators with you all to learn their tips and tricks from their own building experiences in order to improve your building skills.

Today we are sharing with you our interview with Moc Builder Pascal. also known as @passierebos on Instagram. Pascal is a Moc Builder from Germany. Read on to learn everything from how he got into building to what his tips for future Moc builders are!!

Pascal began building mocs at the age of 9. In the beginning he was focused mainly on Star Wars builds but he also made up his own themes. Through Youtube and Instagram he began to discover the world of Military themed Lego, "...the WW2 theme was really exciting for me and basically was just something completely new for me." His first ever moc had a classic Star Wars theme to it. In terms of his first Military themed build, it was a moc of D-Day Omaha Beach which he started at the end of 2016 and completed in March of 2017. This Moc was the first creation he shared on social media and was essentially his gateway into the Military Building Community.

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So who or what specifically inspired Pascal to start building Military themed Mocs? Well it was a German Lego builder known as 'TheLegoLukas', who since 2012 has featured WW2 based videos on Youtube, "Through him I got to know many other members of the German Lego WW2 Community and we became good friends. But my general interest in WW2 and my desire to build Lego, contributed heavily to my hobby of building WW2 Mocs."

His most recent creation was of Operation Market Garden, September 1944, and depicted "Battle on a bridge over a channel in the dutch city of Arnhem." which you can see more detailed picture of on his instagram page. This particular Moc was started in September 2019 and completed at the beginning of December the same year. Pascal explained that this build took a little long than usual due to his school commitments which meant he wasn't able to have long building sessions and that a normal Moc build would take him around 2 weeks to complete (which for the detail he manages to create, we were impressed by).

In terms of the themes of his Mocs we had noticed that a lot of Pascals creations are based around WW2 events so we were curious to know if that was his preferred era of inspiration and why? He explained how he finds the time period itself was interesting in the sense that the conflicts introduced different countries, vehicles and weapons, allowing for a lot of variety of possible Mocs people could build. Although WW2 is a big theme to explore, Pascal also mentioned that he would also love to see other areas of history explored, "I honestly would love to see more Napoleonic War Mocs, or even the Spanish civil war. Although I am focused on WW2, I enjoy seeing builders showing historical mocs from different time-periods."

@passieribos has become an exceptional Moc Builder and we have heard about how he started out his building journey. We wanted to know if, from his personal experience, he had any words of advice for any up and coming Moc builders out there. "My advice is to think carefully what you want to build first and be organised. Buying the right parts at the start is really important, you should have plates and bricks of all the Major colours which are important for landscapes. Check out other peoples Mocs to get a sense for what you want to do and what you need to buy. And something helpful: Beginners should rather focus on building smaller Mocs and learn some basics, after this was done successfully larger projects can be considered. For custom figures I would also say, begin with less figures and not spend to much Money at them at the beginning...I learned that sometimes existing techniques like SNOT (Studs not on top) work really well combined with others, I recognised this while building the windows and doors for the houses on my last Moc." If you're thinking about becoming a moc builder or maybe just starting out these helpful tips will help you, so if you work your way up and keep yourself organised you'll be well on your way to creating incredible mocs just like Pascal. Similarly, we were curious to know of all the bricks and tiles available to use, which one does Pascal use the most in terms of his own mocs? "I would honestly say generic 1x2 Plates, they could be used for so many different things: layering, detailing, creating a wall for a house and basically just give the landscape a more natural look. I really prefer to build structures with basic parts and then improve them with more detailed parts" (To any Moc builder starting out, you may end up seeing a lot of these plates).

Pascal has built quite a few incredible Mocs over the years, but the ultimate question is, can he pick an overall favourite? Yes, he can and the one he picked sounds rather special "I would say my "Ambush in Normandy 1944 Moc," although a rather common theme for WW2 Mocs, it is my favourite since I was using my first self designed tank in it. It also was one of my larger scale better Mocs, which I began to make in 2018. All in all this Moc was so fun to build and I won a Prize in a contest with it which made it even more great for me.".

Now when building Mocs you don't have to go it alone as there is nothing better than getting together with other people who love to build just as much as you do and building a moc as a team. Even Pascal enjoys collaborating with other builders. He said that in the future he would love to work with more builders from his Lug "Lego user group" (GWW-Lug) but also wouldn't be opposed to working with people from other countries. His ultimate dream build partner would have to be none other than 'TheLegoLukas', who as you will remember is one of his inspirations, his reason behind this choice is simple "So my dream build partner would probably be TheLegoLukas, since he has a lot of experience concerning history and Building with Lego." and we hope to one day see that dream collaboration become a reality!

Speaking of dreams, we wanted to know, if Pascal was given unlimited pieces and was able to build a Moc to any size, what would he build? As well as WW2 another era of history he finds interesting is ancient battles and wars, and so, he would build the siege of carthage in 149 BC, "...I would build a massive stonewall with the romans attacking them with siegetowers and some carthaginians defending their City." maybe one day we'll see this moc idea come to life, but while we wait, what other Mocs is @passierebos planning?

Well currently he is not building any diorama and instead he is currently focused on building vehicles and trying out new building techniques, but do not fear as he is planning to start a Moc that will depict the Invasion of the USSR by Germany in 1941, Operation Barbossa, "I think there will be a small bunker of the so called: "Molotov Line" under attack by German soldiers, supported by my custom Flammpanzer II." (so be sure to keep an eye out for that on his Instagram). But what we are curious to know, and some of you Moc builders starting out may be interested in, is how does Pascal decide what to build next? With so many potentially great moment of history to portray, how does he narrow it down just to one? "I mostly get inspired by articles I read on the Internet, or I read military history magazines and if a battle, vehicle or an historical event seems to be interesting I consider building a moc based on it. Sometimes I also get inspired by other members of the community, when I see other great stuff online."

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We hope you enjoyed our Moc Builder interview with @passierebos, we certainly enjoyed getting to know him better and being able to share his talent with others. If you know of another Moc Builder that you would like to learn more about then head over to our social media pages and tag them in our recent 'Moc Builder Interview' Post. Our aim is to have a new Moc Builder Interview every 2 weeks!! And if you are a Moc Builder then why not share your creations with us. Just use #unitedbricks and you may be featured in our Customer Contribution Gallery Linked below!!

Did you know that we also Build Mocs? If you haven't already, why not check out our most recent Creation Video portraying Sword Beach on D-Day.

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