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Two weeks ago we shared with you the first of our MOC Builder Interviews, which saw us get to know Pascal (@passierebos). Today we continue with our interviews, but now we will be talking to Jonas, also known as @the_lego_moc_builder_yt on Instagram. Don't forget, if you know of a Moc Builder that you would like to learn more about then head over to our social media pages and tag them in our recent 'Moc Builder Interview' Post.

So Jonas is a MOC Builder from Germany, he started building Mocs in 2018. Similar to Pascal, the first Mocs that Jonas built all had a Star Wars theme to them but his first Military themed build portrayed the Battle of Hürtgen 1945. He was inspired to build Military themed Mocs after seeing a lot of WW2 related Mocs on Social Media, "I'm a big history fan since I was 8 years old. So when I started building Star Wars themed mocs I saw many stop motions and mocs which were World War 2 themed. I started researching about third party elements like Bickarms or Brickmania. So I was inspired by the whole WW2 community especially on Youtube."

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One of Jonas's most recent creations was of '3rd of May 1945 in a wood near Berlin', although this moc appeared to be a smaller creation we were curious to know how long it took Jonas to create the moc, "It took me in total half a day but I had several ideas so it was completed after one week." We were very impressed at the fact he skillfully managed to capture so much in one small moc without it seeming over-crowded. Jonas had previously mentioned his mocs were inspired by when he first saw some WW2 Mocs online but we were wondering, What era does Jonas find the most interesting when it comes to building Mocs and why? Well, as well as being interested in WW2, he also finds the Vietnam War an interesting era, "...because it's not only that you can build several battlefields which can also include summer and Winter landscapes, it's also the history itself."

Jonas is without a doubt an exceptional Moc Builder but we wanted to know if he had any advice for anyone out there who is just starting out or considering starting to build mocs? He didn't fail to give us some information we think you'll find helpful, "When you start building mocs you should first look at your bricks collection and decide if you have enough of the basic bricks. Then you should start with small mocs and also look at mocs from other builders. Then you should research where you can buy good and matching figures for your mocs, but don't spend too much. Because the figures only give the building life and bring more detail, but you don't need a whole army of them if you're a beginner. If at all you should buy more detailed bricks for landscape and buildings and try to improve your building skills everytime. But the important thing of all is that you should look at the history and try to understand what did the events mean, because you can only make the moc as accurate as possible when you research and understand the history. Also I must say, when you're a beginner the costs are very high. But don't be afraid of high costs for many bricks of figures, because after a time you have enough bricks and figures...(in terms of building) At first you should build the border and set the filler bricks, then you can start with landscape and buildings. When it comes to landscape I just can say, that it helps when you just take a walk through nature and look at the landscape. Then you should try to give your landscape a organic shape. Please don't only throw random plants on a smooth ground, build some little hills and put your plants at several groups althogether and don't place them randomly all over the place. I can say for landscape you should always 1x2 and 1x1 plates for hills. Then you can think about buildings, they bring a lot of variety into your moc." So all in all, if you do your research, be organised and prepared, as well as using the landscapes around you, maybe one day you'll be as skilled as Jonas is.

We noticed when talking about advice Jonas had mentioned a few plates, so we were curious as to know what his most used brick or tile was, and sure enough he said the brick he used the most as without a doubt the 1x1 plate, "...because you can have them in so many variations and colours. When you start building mocs, you're going to see a lot of them." So basically, if you are a moc builder, your favourite brick will be a 1x1 plate, if it's not already!! Speaking of favourites, we wanted to know, what Moc that he has built does Jonas like the best? Well his favourite sounds very impressive to us, "My favourite build is my Vietnam war moc which was displayed at Bricking Bavaria 2019, because it was my first time that I built such a large scale Vietnam war min and I thought it turned out pretty good."

Now one of the best things about building is that it has the ability to bring people together so we asked Jonas, who would be his dream build partner and why? As it turns out, he's already collaborated with his dream build partner, or should we say, partners!! "I collaborated with Deltabuilder (Instagram) before. We had built a little forest in Germany 1945 in September 2019. But I already found my dream build partner. Me and some other guys (Instagram: Deltabricks, _flo_54, barcarra_07, lego_earth_production) are going to display a big Vietnam war collab at Bricking Bavaria 2020. I think they're my dream collab partners, because I already met them in real life and we all have great building skills." Maybe if you're lucky you can see their no doubt amazing creation in real life!! But, speaking of dreams, we wanted to know, if Jonas had unlimited space and bricks, what would he build? Well, the answer is simple, "I would build a really big battle in france with a large town, big church and lots of vegetation with trenches and big battle scenes." We hope that one day, possibly with the help of his dream build team, we will see his ultimate creation become a reality.

But while we wait, what moc is Jonas working on at the moment? "...a large scale moc which should show a part of operation Tractable 1944. It's going to be a little village with some roads, a flak and a Sherman Firefly." So keep an eye on his Instagram @the_lego_moc_builder_yt to hopefully see the creation once it is complete!! But talking about his mocs got us thinking, how does he decide what moc he's going to build next? "It depends on several things, Maybe if I read a historical based article or watching a documentary. But if I also want to build a special city or moc with a special faction I start research and then when I found something which sounds interesting to me I start to think how I could build it and make a layout."

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We hope you enjoyed our Moc Builder interview with @the_lego_moc_builder_yt, we really loved getting to know him better and being able to share his talent with others. If you know of another Moc Builder that you would like to learn more about then head over to our social media pages and tag them in our recent 'Moc Builder Interview' Post. Our aim is to have a new Moc Builder Interview every 2 weeks! And if you are a Moc Builder then why not share your creations with us. Just use #unitedbricks and you may be featured in our Customer Contribution Gallery Linked below!!

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