New Heroes & Villains Minifigures

United Bricks Heroes & Villains Bundle

United Bricks is proud to announce it's newest TV range, Heroes & Villains, featuring five new custom printed minifigures!

Heroes & Villains is set in the corrupt city of New york and follows the young detective that fights crime in the hope of restoring his city to what it once was. Along the way he is helped by the older and wiser inspector as they delve in the dark underbelly of their city and soon come across the villains that thrive on corruption. The Forensic scientist is a smart and cunning villain who talks in riddles, his friend The Penguin is a mobster and fancies himself as a Gentleman of crime and finally The Doctor meddles with the laws of nature and creates monsters.

The bundle of all five minifigures is a great way to save money and for a limited time it's £5 off or you can buy them seperaterly.

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