United Bricks November 2018 release - North Africa Campaign Month

United Bricks North Africa Campaign Month

Ciao! It maybe be winter but here at United Bricks we are going somewhere warm for this month's release, the deserts of WW2. This month's theme is North Africa Campaign.

We've been eager to recreate the famous Afrika Korp and Desert Rats in LEGO along with Italians and Commonwealth nations.

As with all themed releases, this month is based around North Africa Campaign of WW2, but we may still sneak some other off-topic products in. There will be a selection of new minifigures, including some elite collector figures in blister packaging, along with a few surprises.

This month sees the release of some our first Italian WW2 minifigures. From the two ammo pouches, to the studs on their boots, we've undertaken careful research to ensure that some of our first Italian are as accurate as possible.

We also pleased to launch a new range of WW2 commonwealth nations minifigures. Including figures from countries such as New Zealand, Australia and India. Each one come with their own unique head wear, insignia and uniforms.

Can't wait until we release these new items? We can't either! To maintain your excitement, use #desertbricks on your new social media photos for a chance to win coupon codes, exclusive items and more! Just build a cool Lego creation and use the hashtag. It's that simple!

United Bricks WW2 Italian Minifigure

The workshop is busy printing and as always our social media guru, Mikaela, will be keeping you up to date with daily sneak peak photos, behind the scenes footage, and more.

The new releases drop Thursday 29th November at 4PM BST! Check out our Instagram account for more sneak previews

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