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LEGO D-day British

You asked for it and we delivered! The number one question our team gets asked is, "When will you release building kits?".

The UB team have been searching for the most awesome, accurate and sleekest building kits around and we've found them. We have teamed up with our friends, E & R's BricksStuff over in Germany, to bring you 6 brand new building kits. They are all centred around the Second World War and feature some of the most famous vehicles and armour of the war. What's so good about these kits you may ask? Well, apart from looking deadly, these are the most competitively priced kits around and certainly pack a punch in terms of value for money!

united bricks building kits russian t 34 tank main

Now lets dive into the building kits! Each kit comes dissembled, ready to test the builders skills and military knowledge. All are made from real LEGO and feature coloured instructions, and each are packed full of features. Working suppression, opening hatches, 360 turrets, these are just a few of the many features that these kits have.

Who will drive these vehicles? That's right, they won't drive themselves, but have no fear, each kit includes a printed minifigure. Prefer to upgrade them to a more accurate tanker figure? Head over to our minifigure page, were we have a wide range of WW2 British, Russian and, German tanker minifigures.

We've balanced each side out, with two German tanks and two tanks for the Allies. Each side also has a vehicle, perfect for transport.

Our personal favourite has to be the Universal Carrier! This is not only great in any combat situation, but you can transport soldiers and supplies! That is putting the word 'Universal' to a whole new level! It has room to fit a driver, a gunner, and even has room in the back to fit additional soldiers or crates. This is perfect for any commonwealth WW2 creations and could even be used for post-ww2 creations.

united bricks building kits universal carrier main
united bricks building kits russian su 85 tank main
united bricks building kits german panzer ii main
united bricks building kits german panzer iii main

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