The Vigilante strikes again!

The Vigilante Creation scene

Billionaire businessman by day, masked Vigilante by night.

Shipwrecked on an island, the billionaire returns home with only one goal; to right the wrongs of society and save his city. His preferred weapon of choice is a bow and arrow due to it's stealth and lightweight . Along the way he meets others like him who join in his crusade. Dressed in green, this superhero, knows no bounds as he tears through the city fighting crime with his bow and arrow.

United Bricks is proud to announce our latest fully printed minifigure, The Vigilante. Printed on all sides, including the arms, torso, legs and head, this minifigure is bound to stand out. We have even include a bow and quiver! This minifigure has been printed in very limited quantities, so grab him while you can.

Blog readers get an exclusive 10% off this Minifigure, just enter the code: b10blog at checkout. Offer ends April 1st.

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