Work experince week - May 2017

Custom made Green Arrow Lego figure by Aiden Taylor - Front View

Aiden Taylor from Dalry Secondary School recently took part in his work experience week at United Bricks. Throughout the week, Aiden learned how we operate and even got to make his own unique printed minifigure!

Aiden learned a variety of different skills including operating specialist UV printers, designing in a graphic design software and editing photos to name a few. Aiden thoroughly enjoyed working with us and had this to say.

"Working at United Bricks has been a different and exciting opportunity. Working here has helped me develop some skills that I can use later in my working life. I hope that they continue to work how they are and allow other young people to enjoy what I have enjoyed this week"

We were thrilled to be able to offer this unique work placement to Dumfries and Galloway and look forward to offering it to more young people in the future.

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