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United Bricks WW1 British Soldier Minifigure

This year marks the 100th anniversary for many famous World War One battles including The Somme, Verdun and Jutland. The First World War involved more countries, cost more lives and caused more destruction than any previous war and saw for the first time, the use of tanks, submarines and air raids.

United Bricks is proud to open it's newest historical range, focusing on World War One. To begin with, three printed items have been added, including the British and German torso/leg combo and the French torso. Each one has been printed using a high quality UV printing method and careful planning has been undertaken to ensure that they are as accurate and detailed as possible.

United Bricks historical ranges are the perfect way for children [and adults] to learn history through building.

Two bonus printed items have been added to this release. For zombies fans we have the Eat flesh tile and for the modern combat fans we have the new randomly coloured balaclava heads.

Many more new items are in the works, so keep checking back for more. For exclusive sneak peaks of upcoming releases, follow us on social media or sign up to our newsletter.

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