Here is a selection of video reviews featuring our products showcasing our designs and details. These are independent videos by LEGO enthusiasts.

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Molegode - East Prussia Diorama

Check out this incredible diorama we sponsored created by molegode, TheLegoLukas and Rebla.

TheBricker - Germany 1945

The scene depicts the final month of the war. Germany has collapsed but some soldiers are still fighting on. TheBricker has used our British and German soldiers!

Jack Burford first United Bricks unboxing

Jack shared his thoughts on his first order from us. We can't wait to see what he creates with his new products!

Molegode - WW2 Battle of Overloon Collab

Check out this colossal moc we sponsered! Molegede and Lego Feldmütze teamed up to recreate the WW2 Battle of Overloon.

Ship Raider unboxes his Awesome order

Ship Raider ordered some of our new WW2 custom printed torsos! Check out his unboxing.

BrickMayhem takes a look at our products

Check out this new unboxing from Brickmayhem over on You Tube!

2011mrlegoboy shares his thoughts

See close ups and listen to MrLegoBoy's review of our products.

"Cool" REVIEW from the USA shows we're no dinosaurs

Thanks Mr Cooltrex for this great review

WW1 MOC "Taking the Last Trench" - TheBricker

TheBricker has created this amazing World War One trench moc!

Neighborhood Bricks gears up for his next moc

Neighborhood Bricks checks out our Pacific and WW1 themed minifigures!