Here is a selection of video reviews featuring our products showcasing our designs and details. These are independent videos by LEGO enthusiasts.

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KingwoodStudios - WW1 Fort Vaux Brickfilm

We recently sponsored Kingwood Studios who created this amazing First World War stopmotion animation brick film. It showcases the Battle of Fort Vaux.

Lepetitlegoneuf - Battle of the Somme 1918

After 6 months of building, over 15,000 bricks and 70 minifigures - Lepetitlegoneuf has recreated The Battle of The Somme in LEGO.

ESB Film - WW2 Winter War - 'Mannerheim Line'

ESB Film uses our brand new Soviet and Finnish figures in this Winter War Animation of Mannerheim Line!

Viking Bricks - Lego United Bricks haul new ww1 figs

Check out Viking Bricks reviewing some of our WW1 Minifigures!!

DBbricks - Minifigure unboxing

Dbricks does their second unboxing video make sure to give it a watch!

MT Films - Lego Virus 18

Lego Virus by MT Films returns with a WW2 Flashback, Check it out!

Asap Animation - Short animation video

Check out ASAP Animation's short video - WWII Russia -Their Land, Their Blood

tommyguntom322 - MiniFigure UnBoxing

Watch Tommyguntom322 unbox some of our minifigures on YouTube!

cbricks tutorials - product unboxing

cbricks tutorials - Review of the new U.S army rangers. Make sure to give it a watch!!

brickmove - Product review

Check out BrickMove's review video with some of our favorite minifgures!

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