Here is a selection of video reviews featuring our products showcasing our designs and details. These are independent videos by LEGO enthusiasts.

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KingwoodStudios - WW1 Fort Vaux Brickfilm

We recently sponsored Kingwood Studios who created this amazing First World War stopmotion animation brick film. It showcases the Battle of Fort Vaux.

Lepetitlegoneuf - Battle of the Somme 1918

After 6 months of building, over 15,000 bricks and 70 minifigures - Lepetitlegoneuf has recreated The Battle of The Somme in LEGO.

Aspengler- Product Review

ASpengler does a review on a range of our new and old products make sure you check this out!!

Bricklover18 - minifigure unboxing

BRICKLOVER18 unboxes some minifigures we sent including his personal favourite, the NYPD Cop!

Toy Gander takes a look at the bricking bad figures

Check out Toy Gander's review of our Bricking Bad range!

BrickMayhem takes a look at our products

Check out this new unboxing from Brickmayhem over on You Tube!

DaveHy - reviews the eastern front items

DaveHY from Germany checks out the new Eastern Front minifigures!

TheBricker - Germany 1945

The scene depicts the final month of the war. Germany has collapsed but some soldiers are still fighting on. TheBricker has used our British and German soldiers!

WW1 MOC "Taking the Last Trench" - TheBricker

TheBricker has created this amazing World War One trench moc!

Neighborhood Bricks gears up for his next moc

Neighborhood Bricks checks out our Pacific and WW1 themed minifigures!

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