WW2 Printed Panzergrenadier Torso

"Panzergrenadiers were motorised infantry allowing for rapid advance or redeployment. Well equipped and mobile, they were able to rapidly plug gaps in their own defences or exploit openings in their enemy's. Since they were organised as combined arms formations, they would have support from a battalion of tanks and a complement of artillery, reconnaissance units, combat engineers, anti-tank and anti-aircraft artillery and so forth. This further added to their ubiquitous effectiveness wherever they were required, without having to sacrifice speed and mobility due to these all being motorised as well. Armoured half-tracks were of great use to the Panzergrenadiers, but there were never enough to go around, with most units having to use lorries for transport."

Custom Printed Torsos at United Bricks

United Bricks is proud to announce this custom printed WW2 double sided torso. This design is made exclusively for United Bricks and is high quality UV printed, this means it will not rub off or fade as it is highly durable. Each one is printed here in the UK at United Bricks HQ to the highest quality which will allow them to be treasured for years to come.

*Comes with yellow hands.

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